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Reduce Your Freight Cost

To ensure your money goes the distance, we’ve provided a few tips on how to reduce your freight costs and maximize the quality of service you receive!

Know Your Commodity - It’s important to know the dimensions of the freight you’re shipping. Our rates are based on the amount of space you’ll occupy in our units as well as the weight of the shipment, so having this information is paramount to ensuring you get the best rate we can offer.

Packaging - Since all rates take into consideration the amount of space a shipment uses in a trailer, minimizing the space your shipment occupies dramatically reduces your costs. The more economically you can package your freight, the more you’ll save on freight costs and your own packaging costs.

Pallet Configuration - Making sure your pallets are configured evenly and without empty gaps or spaces as you stack the product will also help reduce your freight costs. Remember if even one carton is overhanging the pallet, you’ll have a much higher risk of damage and can cause the trailer to be packed inefficiently raising your freight charge through dimensional overhang charges.

Consolidate and Save - We’re able to give better rates if we pick up more freight less frequently. For example if you generally ship 10 pallets at 2 pallets per day over 5 pickups and based on service parameters can consolidate this down to 2 pickups of 5 pallets per week, you’ll reduce our pick up cost and we can pass the savings back to you by reducing our rates!

Minimum Order Quantities - Have you instituted a minimum order quantity with your customers? As an example, changing your minimum shipping weight from 500 to 1000 lbs per order will often net you a reduction in freight charges by 15-20%.

Insurance Requirements - If you have product that is generally $5 or more per pound and you declare a value on your bill of lading, you have the opportunity to save significant money by purchasing a rider policy from your own insurance company. This will allow your shipment to travel insured under your own insurance policy avoiding the need to pay declared value surcharges. Generally the rider is much less than a declared value charge would be.

Payments - Most major credit cards offer a rebate in the neighbourhood of 2%. When you are ready to pay your freight bill, why not take advantage of this and pay with your credit card? You’ll wind up with 2% in your pocket to spend in another area of your business!

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