What is the "AS" weight of my shipment?

The "AS" weight of a shipment is the weight that a shipment will be "rated as" of the total shipment AND the minimum density according to your rate agreement. The "AS" weight will be the greater of the actual weight, cubic weight and linear weight.

To determine the "AS" weight for your shipment, simply complete the following steps:

Step 1
Enter shipment dimensions and descriptions for every shipping unit in the cells:

(Please note that all decimal numbers will be rounded down to the nearest zero)

Shipment Dimensions
Units Description Stackable (Y/N) Width (Max 96") Length (Max 120") Height (Max 106") Weight (Max 2000#) Cube
Actual Weight Cubic Weight Linear Weight

Step 2
Select minimum dimensional weight assessment from rate agreement:

(Please note that all decimal numbers will be rounded down to the nearest zero)

* per cubic foot (between 5 and 20 pounds). If unknown, use 10 pounds.

This Shipment will be rated "AS" pounds
Exception 1:
There are points where the same shipment becomes cheaper to ship at the next rate level at the minimum weight for that rate level. These are called break points. When a break point occurs, the shipment will be rated "AS" the minimum weight for the next rate level.
Exception 2:
All shipments are subject to re-weighing on Measurement Canada approved and certified scales to ensure the accuracy of the weight stated on the Bill of Lading. The re-weighed weight becomes the actual weight for rating purposes.
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