warehousingSpecialized Services

Why APPS? Because APPS provides its customers with the right balance of price, service and after sales support.

Whether its high value or dangerous goods going to a job site or an unattended night time delivery, APPS goes the “extra mile”.  Below are a few of the special services available:

- Trailers, barn door or roll up
- Containers 20/40/45/48/53
- Tri-axle equipment
- Heated trailers & containers
- Flat decks, curtain side decks
- Straight trucks
- Tailgates

- Evenings and weekends
- Holidays
- Unattended deliveries
- Residential
- Appointments
- Construction sites

- Tagging
- Sorting
- Cross dock
- Segregating
- Extra labour
- Storage
- Pick and pack

- Excess value insurance
- Bonded freight
- Dangerous goods
- Protective service
- Packaging advice

“We are very happy with APPS service. There are no obstacles, and they have been a good problem solver for us”

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